SG2* – A scissor manufactured according to the best Japanese traditions


A scissor manufactured

according to the best

Japanese traditions

*SG2 is also known as Super Gold Steel, Micro Powder Steel and Hideyo Steel

What is a hairdresser without a scissor? Absolutely nothing! Every hairdresser needs a scissor of outstanding quality. A scissor of good quality makes you more secure, creative and ensures better performances!

Even you may have cut with a scissor that was super sharp at the beginning, but became less sharp after a while. With the new Micro Powder Steel – SG2, that doesn’t happen anymore! This type of steel is from the same steel manufacturer as the superb VG-10 steel, but SG2 is newer and even better!

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SG2 and SGPS are two different names for the same powder steel. Due to the fine (nano-) structure and a balanced distribution of elements which the steel contains, it is possible to add more alloying elements than with ordinary stainless steel. Because of that, the hardness and cutting performance of a scissor increase. The Super Gold steel guarantees a long lifespan, even with intensive use and makes sure that the cutting blades stay sharp for a long period of time.


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Carbon is one of the most important elements in every kind of steel. It determines the hardness, wear resistance and it determines/guarantees the sharpness. SG2 contains 30% more carbon than VG-10.

SG2 contains 230% more molybdenum than VG-10. Molybdenum is a useful alloy former and contributes to the hardness and persistence of the steel. Next to that, it also improves the steel at high temperatures and it improves the cutting properties. Steel that contains Molybdenum is considerably stronger, corrosion resistant and also more resistant to temperature changes than normal steel.

A small amount of vanadium already gives a substantial increase in tensile strength, toughness, hardness, wear resistance and warmth resistance. In the past vanadium was used to make swords stronger, lighter, sharper and more powerful. Nowadays we use this for our scissors! SG2 contains 570% more vanadium than VG-10.

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