KYONE ACI-2100 – Infrared Hairdyer


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KYONE ACI-2100 – Infrared Hairdryer

The ACI-2100 infrared hairdryer (the healing hairdryer) is the compact and improved version of the ACI-2000. This new addition to our collection belongs to the new generation of hairdryers because it is more powerful, quieter and smaller. A revolutionary development in hair drying and styling, with exceptional results.

This unique hair dryer is made out of a combination of infrared head, ionic technology and ceramic. The infrared hairdryer not only heats the outside of the hair, but penetrates deep into the core of the hair. This ensures that the natural moisture balance in the hair is maintained.

In addition, this treatment technology closes the hair cuticles faster, makes the hair stronger, does not affect colorings and can significantly extend the color durability. The result is silky soft, healthy and shiny hair. The concentrated air flow and infrared head also enables you to work per section, without disturbing the other section. This combination makes the hairdryer the ultimate styling precision tool.

This infrared hairdryer uses the latest type of ACR motor, the ACR-ENDURANCE motor. The extremely powerful motor makes 18,000 revolutions per minute and has a very long service life.

The combination of a strong motor with the infrared heating not only shortens the drying time of the hair by up to 50%, the energy consumption of the hairdryer is also up to 40% less.

Just like the ACI-2000, the ACI-2100 is also equipped with different speeds and temperatures and a sufficiently long cable (3m.). In addition, the cold button is of course not missing! What more could you want?

Details of the ACI-2100 infrared hairdryer

  • Input 1,200 watts output 2,000 watts (40% lower energy consumption)
  • Extra-long cable for more comfort (3 meters)
  • ACR motor
  • Cold button
  • 3 heat settings
  • 2 speeds
  • Includes 2 attachments (65mm and 75mm)
  • Hanging loop for easier storage
  • Diffuser optional
  • 470 gram


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