Head Hunter PRO-25


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Head Hunter PRO-25

The Head Hunter PRO-25 is equipped with an Intelligent Digital Display. This display shows the remaining working time of the battery. The clipper calculates this by itself , based on the number of minutes worked and the intensity of the work.

Of course the battery in this clipper is very powerful. In the Head Hunter PRO-25 a Lithium stage-1® battery has been chosen. The advantages of this Lithium Stage-1® battery:

  • Extreme high capacity (2.600MAh)
  • 240 minutes working time (factory data; in practice this will be higher)
  • No Memory Effect

The microprocessor guarantees a constant power, monitors the clipper against overcharging, peak voltage, motor blocking and checks the temperature. All this guarantees a long life and ensures that the clipper always works 100% optimally.

In addition, the Head Hunter PRO-25 has an advanced, very strong High performance motor. This motor produces 6000 rpm! This results in a very high cutting capacity and faster shaving. Even with thick, full hair!

The combination of the Intelligent Digital Display, the Lithium Stage-1® battery and the High Performance Motor make this clipper ideal for everyday use in the salon, but also for Barber-Style shaving.

Consideration has also been given to the type of cutting head. The cutting head of the Head Hunter PRO-25 has a high end hard-steel comb blade, combined with a ceramic cutting blade. This combination of steel and ceramic prevents the generation of heat, guarantees a long life, cuts precisely and very short. The cutting head is adjustable in height from 1.0 – 1.9mm by means of a slider at the front of the device.


  • Usage time: 240 min.
  • Full charge: 180 min.
  • Can also be used with cord
  • Display: for accurate operating time
  • Ergonomic design
  • Hard steel blade in combination with white ceramic cutting knife
  • Including 2 comb attachments (3, 6, 9, 12mm.)
  • Lithium Stage-1 battery, 2.600 mAh (no Memory-Effect)
  • 390 – High Performance motor



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