Kyone TR-420 trimmer


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Kyone TR-420 trimmer

The TR-420 trimmer has a beautiful, round, ergonomic design that is very comfortable. Lightweight, with a sunken pushbutton. The LED-lights at the front decorate its look and provide an accurate indication of the remaining battery duration.

The TR-420 possesses the newest generation Lithium Stage-2 battery (1,500 mAh), so that you only need to fully charge the trimmer once a week with average use. Of course, the trimmer can also be used with a cord.

The TR-420 is equipped with a 280-S High Performance Motor, developed especially for professional use. This motor is driven by a TMP-2 Micro-Processor, which guarantees a constantly equal force and protects against overcharging, peak voltage, motor jamming and which checks the temperature. The combination of the motor and Micro-Processor gives 25% more power and the battery is even 50% stronger.

The TR-420 trimmer comes with 2 different cutting heads: a ‘standard’ cutting head and a so-called ‘T-Blade’. Of course, these cutting heads are also unique: a hard steel blade combined with a black ceramic cutting knife. This combination ensures that the cutting head does not overheat, has a silky smooth course, has a long operating life, is extremely sharp and cuts very short and precise.


  • Usage time: 300 min.
  • Quick charge: 20 min. (for 40 min. usage time)
  • Full charge: 150 min.
  • Can also be used with cord
  • Including free T-Blade
  • Ergonomic design
  • Hard steel blade in combination with black ceramic cutting knife
  • The battery lasts up to 3x longer than normal Lithium batteries
  • Including 4 click-comb attachments
  • Lithium Stage-2 accu, 1,500 mAh (no Memory-Effect)
  • 280-S High Performance motor
  • TMP-2 Micro-Processor

LED-Indicator for usage time: 3x Green: fully charged, 240 min./ 2x Green: 160 min. / 1x Green: 100 min. / Red: 40 min. remaining.


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