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Kyone 710T thinning scissor

This beautiful new addition to our collection has a full ergonomic design with a twisted thumb. The full ergonomic design ensures that you can cut effortlessly and comfortably all day long, without complaints or injuries in the arms and / or shoulders.

The teeth of the thinning scissors are bent in a way that the blade carves the teeth straight. Not only will hair be cut straight, it will also stay in its place. And to further improve your cutting precision, each separate tooth has also been fitted with a laser-cut three-tooth.

Besides that this scissor looks beautiful, it is equipped with a ball bearing screw. This screw reduces the resistance during cutting and ensures a silky smooth run. This smooth run ensures that the joints of your hand, wrist and arm are burdened as little as possible. In combination with the ergonomic design, you reduce the risk of RSI complaints and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Available in: 6,0” – 40T

• Full ergonomic design
• Twisted thumb
• 40 teeth
• Comfortable cutting
• Ball bearing screw
• Also suitable for the heavier work




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