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A new generation has arrived, namely CONTROL+ scissors. Once you’ve cut with these scissors, you don’t want anything else! These scissors are available in two types: Pointgrip (extra grip point) and Fullgrip (extra grip entire cutting blade).

  • New generation of cutting and slice scissors
  • Incredibly pure to position
  • Cut effortlessly without the hair moving forward
  • Offers perfect grip for comport and superior control
  • The perfect tool for hairdressers, barbers and straight-line beard cutting.


Fullgrip is the new generation cutting scissor
The Control+ Fullgrip covers the entire cutting blade. This guarantees 100% grip and can therefore be positioned perfectly. Because the hair does not move forward, this scissor cuts on the spot and makes it possible to effortlessly cut hard, straight and clean lines.

Kyone 800 Fullgrip is available in: 5,5″ / 6,0″ / 7,0″

  • On the spot
  • Hair does not move forward
  • Deep point cutting
  • Blunt cutting
  • Bob lines
  • Detail cutting