Kyone S14T modelling scissor ERGO


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Kyone S14T modelling scissor ERGO

These cool scissors are real creators, from twist-cutting to feather-passé. The coarse teeth provide a totally new perspective to cutting hair and the many possibilities which are available. They challenge you to be creative with especially the light character as a final result – not the standard hairdos you can get anywhere. New ambitions and creations will grow inside of you; it’s time for second-hand and out-of-bed creations. A joy and a must. A word of warning…. These scissors are extremely addictive!

Available in: 6.0″

  • Ergonomic design
  • 14 teeth for special designs
  • Slightly bent teeth for better thinning
  • Separate teeth fitted in 3-teeth for extra grip when cutting hair
  • Adjustable screw w/ tension plate
  • Convex / hollow-ground blades



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14T, 6.0"