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Kyone Premium P14T Modelling Scissor

The P14T modelling scissor thins the hair softly. This sturdy scissor is a true creator, from twist-cutting to feather passé. The wide teeth give a whole new perspective on cutting and the many opportunities that are available. Looking for a challenge? Than the P14T is perfect for you! Because of the airy character you will be challenged to be creative, not to the standard haircuts you can get anywhere.

Beautiful and soft results with soft transitions of the haircut, that’s what you create with the P14T modelling scissor, especially with long hair! When you’re looking for a combination of a texture volume scissor and a thinning scissor, the P14T is exactly what you need!

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A delight and a must with a warning… This scissor is highly addictive!

The Kyone Premium P14T modelling scissor is available in: 6,0” – 14 teeth

  • Designed for special texture, volume designs and choppy effects
  • Light bended, laser cut teeth for extra grip
  • Adjustable screw w/ tension plate



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14T, 6.0"