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Kyone Premium P27T modelling scissor CoMoV steel

Are you looking for a modelling scissor which perfectly suits your creative brain? Stop searching! The Kyone P27T modelling scissor is made of ComoV steel and is suited for creating countless creations and the possibilities of this scissor are endless.

This modelling scissor has both thick and thin teeth, which divides the hair in a whole different way. This ensures that you, as a creative hairdresser, can apply all your ideas in your creations. Nothing is too crazy with this modelling scissor!

Cutting points or slant? Creating a shaggy or wild look with short or long hair? All cutting techniques are possible with the P27T modelling scissor!

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  • Created for the creative hairdresser for special texture, volume designs and choppy effects
  • ComoV steel
  • Both thick and thin teeth for a special division of the hair
  • Adjustable screw w/ tension plate



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27T, 6.0"