Kyone 1780 cutting scissor

Kyone 1780 is a 'In-between' scissor

Stylists prefer to work with the best tools, it is even better when you can do just a little bit more with that one special tool.The little more is what the Kyone 1780  Kyone 1780 gives you!

A real multitasker, innovating and unique!

The unique scissor is up-to-date with the newest innovations in the cut- and slice scene. The scissor is also called a hybrid or in-between scissor, a real multitasker it is!

What makes the scissor this clever?

The 1780’s cutting blades are not that high as a slice scissor’s, but they are higher than a cutting scissor’s. Together with perfect convex curved blades, it makes this scissor perfect for cutting and slicing like never before. The slim-fit ergonomic handles are specially made fort he hybrid cuttingblade; tendril, ergonomic and with feminine curves.

High-end material fort he best quality

The scissor is made of a special steel type: CoMoV High – Carbon steel:
Carbon is one of the most important elements in every steel. It determines the hardness, abrasion resistance and it determines the sharpness.
Except the high carbon lever, the CoMoV steel als contains the following elements:
- Co: Cobalt
- Mo: Molybdenum
- V: Vanadium.
The addition of these elements causes the steel to be an excellent, high-end steel for hairdresser’s scissors. A perfect formula that brings the value for money to another level