The professional scissors from KYONE are ‘conditioned’. This process is many times more refined than the ordinary sharpening of hairdressing scissors.



The above scissor is more than 12 years old! How is this possible? Through good and regular maintenance! This is of course a fairly broad concept and that is why we are happy to explain when it is necessary to have your scissors conditioned in the Kyone Service Center.

We recommend having your scissors conditioned every year and a half to maintain and guarantee a perfect cutting quality.
As soon as you notice that a scissor does not cut properly or when you have to put more force than normal, your scissor is probably damaged. We advise you not to continue cutting with the scissor, but to have your scissor conditioned in our Kyone Service Center. Our specialists ensure you that your scissor will cut like new after that!

If you want to have your scissor conditioned in our Kyone Service Center, we advise you to send it back to the wholesaler where you bought it. They will then ensure that it ends up in the Kyone Service Center.

PLEASE NOTE: if your scissor has fallen, contains damage by cutting something other than hair or contains user wear, this is not covered by our warranty conditions and costs will therefore always be charged.


Kyone College Line

480 5,0"- 5,5" - 6,0" / 480 Left 5,5"
B32T - B32T Left / B32E / B42T

€ 25,00
(without VAT and shipping costs)

Kyone cutting- and thinning scissors

All KYONE cutting and thinning scissors from our Original and Premium line.

€ 30,00
(without VAT and shipping costs)