Lithium Stage-2®: The next step!

Lithium Stage-2®

The next step

Most Kyone clippers and trimmers are performed with a Lithium Stage-2® battery, but what does this mean and why is this one better than a normal Lithium battery? In this blog we give you some more information about it.

At all times we strive to go with the newest and most progressive techniques, so we can also implement this in our products. Because of that, we went a step further in the development of our clippers and trimmers! Not only our models are exclusive. Also our batteries, motor and electronics inside the products can be called absolutely innovative.

In the past we used batteries as NiMH, Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer. Those batteries were definitely progressive, but had the disadvantage that the operating time, lifespan and power were not that great.

Quality is Kyone’s priority number one and that’s why we choose to work with exclusive Lithium batteries, namely Lithium Stage-2®. Why? Because this battery has everything! A long operating time and lifespan, no ‘memory-effect’ and it can be charged 2000 to 3000 times. You can see all the advantages in the following chart.

Lithium Stage-2®

Normal Lithium

Lifespan is extended 3 to 4 times
Can be charged 2000 to 3000 times (life cycles)
Capacity does not fall back
More resistant to over- and discharging
No problems occur while working in high or low temperatures
With average use only fully charge once a week
Very safe and can NOT explode or burn
Lifespan is shortened quickly
Can be charged 500 to 800 times (life cycles)
Capacity falls back to 25% in the first 1,5 years
Chance of over- and discharging
Problems can occur while working in high or low temperatures
With average use fully charge multiple times a week
Can explode or burn
Grafiek Lithium ENGELS

Do you want a clipper or trimmer that charges quick, with a long lifespan, no battery damage with frequent use, equal power, always functions for 100% and is completely safe? Then you choose Kyone!