RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hairdresser’s diseases and more: the number one cause for absenteeism…

Sooner or later you will get them too, physical complaints by fulfilling your work and passion as a hairdresser. In many cases this leads to short term abandoning your job, or even worse; long term or definite abandoning.
Besides the fact you will not be able to fully enjoy your work, it is a real big cost item for the hairdressing industry. It might be clear, that for employers it is very rewarding as well to guide their employees as much as possible when choosing their scissors and tools and not to try to save on the costs of a good scissor. This is a winning situation for both sides, because as an employee you will be able to do your job without suffering so much, short and long term.


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As a professional, you are most likely known with these diseases because you or one of your close coworkers suffered from one of these diseases. That’s why this blog isn’t telling about what these diseases are like, but about what to do to prevent yourself for them.

You can’t buy health, but you can buy a good, affordable scissor.

The right scissor: up to 85% less harm

Make sure to choose an ergonomic scissor! A good scissor eases the pressure on wrist and shoulder because of its special fit. If needed, you can even pick a scissor with a swivel thumb. Try not to focus too much on the scissor’s look, a fancy scissor is cool but it’s more important for a scissor to feel good. Take your time when picking your new, most important tool and let your feelings take the lead instead of your eyes.

3D curves and semi-convex cutting blades

At Kyone we want to go a little bit further to offer you the perfect scissor. Our 3D scissors come with the best possible ergonomic curves and thickening on multiple parts of the scissors to support the hand, arm and shoulder.

Fancy screws and fashionable colors are fun to see, but a scissor’s efficiency really is in its ergonomics. Of course combined with a razor-sharp cutting blade, otherwise the effect of the ergonomics is yet almost null.

Kyone scissors have semi-convex cutting blades. An unique angle, the correct resistance of the cutting blades and the ergonomics cause our scissors to be real-time premium tools, which are even affordable. Kyone is well known for the best value for money and the least resistance during the cutting.


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Service and care: a must!

Daily cleaning and oil in time

Like you might already know it is very important to take care of your scissor. Not only for the life-time of the scissor but also for its ergonomic function.
Make sure to clean your scissor at least once a day with a dry wipe, do this when your done working if you do it only once a day. Besides, the screws needs to be oiled once a week. A drop of oil a week will do magic for your scissor to run smooth and the oil will remove dirt between the cutting blades as well.

Service: have it sharpened

We recommend you to have your scissors sharpened every 1-1,5 year. Every scissor gets dull by the time, a dull scissor needs a lot more pressure to be used in the same way as a normal, sharpened scissor. A dull scissor is a big risk for creating physical complaints.

We often see scissors that haven’t been sharpened for 2 to 3 years, the cutting performances of these scissors can be around 50% to 75% less. Sharpening a scissor also makes it possible to slice again without having to put too much pressure on the scissor.

A dull scissor is a guarantee for causing complaints from your customers as well, besides the physical pains you will get yourself as a hairdresser.
So it is way better to prevent yourself from diseases like this than having to treat them afterwards.



Adjusting your screws

There is often not enough tension on a scissors’ screw, that means you will have to put a lot of pressure on the cutting blades, which is very bad for the scissor and its ergonomic effects.
A scissor should open very easily without using a lot of pressure or hair folding double. When there’s too much tension on the screws, you will have to use too much pressure to open and close the scissor, which is very exhausting.

There are a lot of sources that could be a risk in creating multiple diseases, dull scissors to bad ergonomics or bad care. Make sure to use good quality products which will do good for you and the job.


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