As with all the materials that you use, maintenance on your scissors, clipper or other professional tool, is very important. If you regularly maintain your professional equipment, this will extend the life of your products. Spending a few minutes a week on your equipment will give you more happiness. And do not forget about the hygienic aspect of cleaning your tools!


If you have finished cutting in the evening, clean the scissor from any hair residue with a dry cloth. Also, other care products you have used will be removed. You can use a microfiber cloth.


Regularly put a drop of oil between the blades, at the height of the screw, between the 2 cutting blades. Do this at least once a week. Thus, the scissors will remain cutting smoothly and hair residue around the screw will be dissolved.


If necessary, adjust the tension of the screw. If a screw does not have enough tension, there is a chance that the scissors will not work properly. The hair can fold, the blades may hook into each other, causing damage. If the scissors cut well, do not adjust the screw unnecessarily, to prevent problems.


Remove the (plastic) eye rings regularly to remove any residues of hair care products. Some chemical products can damage the metal, causing damage. Make sure the scissors are closed before removing the rings to prevent damage to the blades or cutting yourself.


How do I maintain my scissors? Take your scissors for service in time. Cutting too long with a pair of scissors can give unnecessary damage. We recommend that you take your scissors for service once a year.