Slice perfectly: the Kyone 3300 Slicing at its purest

Slice perfectly: the Kyone 3300 Slicing at its purest

The 3300 and its left-handed edition

This really is a scissor for the extreme cutting enthusiasts. The scissor is designed for perfect slicing with its higher cutting blades and ergonomics. Slicing will be an one of a kind art form with this scissor. But also underhand cutting, blockheads and crewcuts won’t be a big deal for this designer scissor.
The high cutting blades offer you an extreme stability and a smooth movement, besides, the Super Gold Steel is well known for its extremely longtime sharpness. The scissor is suitable for dry hair and wet hair but also wigs won’t be a problem at all.

Ergonomic scissors which prevent you from stress, tension and tiredness.

Micro Powder Steel: Super Gold steel and Hideyo steel

These are so called Micro Powder steel. Because of the steels fine structure and the great compound of elements like Carbon, Molybdenum, Vanadium and Chrome it is possible to create one of the purest sorts of steel. By pressing the steel under extreme heat, the molecules come much closer to each other in comparison to the molecules in other sorts of steel. A higher density means an extremely hard and wear-resistant steel with an unequalled sharpness which was impossible until recently.

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New sharpening technology

Because of the hardness of the steel, new sharpening technologies are available. This causes possibilities for a totally new convex angle. The angle will be lowered by 10 degrees, which gives a 20% better cutting efficiency. The result: much sharper cutting blades with less resistance during the cutting. Less resistance means a longer lifespan for the scissor.